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Welcome to Light Com!
Your Partner in Smart Buildings and Industrial Communications


About us

Welcome to Light Com Telecommunications!

Your premier provider of cutting-edge communication solutions. Specializing in Building Management System installations, advanced video surveillance, and industrial telephony systems, we excel in delivering reliable communication and control solutions for industry, commerce and demanding environments.

At Light Com, we envision leading the telecommunications industry by empowering and businesses with seamless connectivity. Our focus on innovation drives us to explore emerging technologies, ensuring we offer the most advanced and reliable solutions available.

What distinguishes us is our commitment to customer satisfaction and technological excellence. Whether building smart infrastructure or deploying industrial-grade telephony and surveillance, we tailor solutions to meet diverse needs.

As a socially responsible company, we actively engage in initiatives promoting digital inclusion, education, and environmental sustainability.

Whether you're seeking Commercial BMS contractor or a Hazardous area telephones, Light Com Telecommunications is here to fulfill your needs. Join us on this journey towards a more connected future.


Contact us today to explore how we can transform your communication and control experience.

Communication Tower

Our services

  • Crystal-Clear Audio

  • Reliable uninterrupted communication

  • Professional Installation and Support

Access control system

  • Customized Access Levels

  • Secure Access Management

  • Integration with Security Systems

  • Building Management Systems

  • HVAC control systems

  • Smart Lighting & Smart Curtains

  • Energy Management Systems

Light Com Industrial Telephones Shop

  • Cut-edge equipment

  • Industry standard reliability

  • Flexible terms, accuracy and reliability of delivery

  • We are in touch with Customers

Video surveillance.jpg
Building Intercom-min.jpg

Video surveillance systems

  • Enhance Security

  • Remote Monitoring

  • Customizable Solutions

Building Intercom systems

  • Seamless Communication

  • Secure Access Control

  • Multiple Communication Options

  • High-Speed Connectivity

  • Customized Network Design

  • Secure Network Infrastructure 

Hi-End Music systems

  • Superior Sound Quality

  • Multi-Room Audio Distribution

  • Residential and Commercial Solutions

Industrial Forging
Access Control.jpg
Über uns
  • Weatherproof telephones

  • Explosion-proof telephones

  • Vandal-resistant telephones

  • Emergency call boxes

Access control

  • Smart door locks

  • Back door commercial coded locks 

  • Residential and Commercial Solutions

Our Customers

BMS installer LightCOM customers
Image by Kabiur Rahman Riyad

Telecommunications team of trust


Complete settlement

100% Recommendation

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