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LCIS-120S The converged intercom server is based on the standard SIP protocol. It can achieve two-way intercom by accessing terminals and gateway devices such as broadcast intercom terminals, fire alarm gateways, IP cameras, voice gateways, and IP phones. This server allows for funcUons like Talking, group calling, monitoring, alarm systems, zone broadcast, playing background music, security linkage and other funcUons, and it is suitable for applicaton like banks, schools, scenic, spots, mining, metallurgy, petrochemicals, electric power, ports, prisons, troops, highways, and rail or transport staUons.


Main Features:

- Two-way intercom

- video intercom

- multi-party intercom

- call recording

- hunt group

- call queuing

- forced insertion and removal

- environment monitoring

- call monitoring

- Amplified intercom supports point amplification

- group amplification and full amplification functions

LCIS-120S Sever with intercom function 120 subscribers

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  • Broadcast function:

    - Support triggered broadcast, instant broadcast, scheduled broadcast

    - Supports shouting broadcasts, music broadcasts, text broadcasts, and collection broadcasts

    - Built-in dynamic multicast technology, supporting broadcast priority

    - Supports broadcast speaker function, which can l automatically or manually raise the voice

    - Support multicast or unicast mode broadcast

    Video function:

    - Support video preview, intercom linkage, and stream switching

    - Supports 1/4/9/16 split display

    - Supports product docking with mainstream video surveillance manufacturers such as Hikvision and Dahua

    Alarm linkage:

    - Supports alarm reporting, sound and light prompts, alarm processing, and alarm recording

    - The alarm plan supports broadcast linkage, SMS linkage, switch linkage, and alarm video

    Electronic map:

    - Supports map layering, hotspot management, status presentation, and linkage operations

    - Supports intercom, broadcast, video, alarm and other operations on an electronic map

    Open API:

    - Provide API interface to realize data exchange and intelligent linkage with third-party platforms

    - Adopts HTTP protocol to support functions such as data exchange and linkage instructions

    - Power supply: 100~220V AC

    - Power consumption: ≤35W

    - Storage: 500GB solid state drive

    - Operating temperature: -10℃ - +60 ℃

    - Size: 430×44.5×600mm

    - Network port: Four 10/100/1000M Adaptive network port

    -  Registered capacity: 3000 pcs

    - Number of concurrent calls: 50/100/200/500/1000

    - Concurrent recording channels: 25/50/100/250/500

    - Number of consoles: 1


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