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Expert BMS Installation and Commissioning Services
We service: PA, NJ, NY, MD, VA, CT, DC, WV, NC, DE 


Our Service:

We specializes in the expert installation of Building Management Systems (BMS) and Smart Building Solutions for commercial and industrial facilities. Our team leverages extensive experience to deliver comprehensive BMS solutions tailored to optimize energy efficiency, climate control, lighting, and security. Partner with us for seamless BMS integration that enhances operational efficiency and sustainability


​With over 7 years of experience and more than 300 successfully completed projects, we have demonstrated expertise in various sectors, including manufacturing enterprise, clothing stores, veterinary clinics, banks, office buildings, warehouses, hardware stores, furniture chains etc.


We are committed to maintaining a deep understanding of BMS systems, ensuring safety compliance, and collaborating effectively with clients and subcontractors.

The following steps are most often performed:

  1. Studying Design Documentation: Thorough review of design plans to understand project scope.

  2. Identifying Errors and Inaccuracies: Detailed assessment to address any issues before implementation.

  3. Material Selection and Revision: Careful selection and review of materials to ensure quality and compatibility.

  4. Coordinating with Customer Management: Clear communication and coordination to align with project goals.

  5. Cabling and Infrastructure Setup: Expert installation of cabling and infrastructure components.

  6. Collaboration with Subcontractors: Coordination with electricians, mechanics, and contractors for seamless integration.

  7. Main Equipment Installation: Precise setup and installation of primary BMS equipment.

  8. System Integration and Software Configuration: Connecting systems and configuring software for optimal performance.

  9. Documentation and Reporting: Comprehensive documentation and reporting for project records.

  10. System Testing and Commissioning: Rigorous testing to ensure systems are operational and meet specifications.

  11. Operation Delivery: Handover of fully operational systems to the client.

  12. Ongoing Service and Support: Continued support for maintenance, troubleshooting, and issue resolution.


Site Inspection and Study

Before arriving at the site, we meticulously prepare by studying the project details and coordinating with the customer to align expectations. We carefully review the materials specified for the project, making necessary adjustments to ensure quality and compatibility.


Upon arrival at the site, we conduct a thorough inspection and acceptance of equipment and materials. Our team meticulously checks everything to ensure readiness for installation. We provide a detailed report to the customer, highlighting our findings and addressing any logistics adjustments needed to proceed smoothly.

Also, we assess the readiness of related systems necessary for the installation of our equipment. We engage in active negotiations with subcontractors, including electricians, mechanical contractors, and general managers, to ensure seamless integration and resolve any discrepancies.

Our team diligently monitors the process, addressing and rectifying any deficiencies or shortcomings discovered during our assessments. We meticulously document any deviations from the project specifications, ensuring alignment with the intended design.

Design and Project Development

In scenarios where site requirements demand a tailored approach, our team excels in developing comprehensive technical solutions and documentation. This phase involves meticulous project planning, equipment selection, and system design to fulfill specific project objectives.


Our experts collaborate closely with clients to understand their needs and challenges. Leveraging our deep industry knowledge and experience, we craft detailed project plans that incorporate optimal equipment and materials to achieve project goals efficiently and effectively.

Team of Industrial Engineers

Installation and Commissioning

Our expert team specializes in the seamless installation and commissioning of building management systems (BMS). We meticulously install wires and integrate all devices, ensuring adherence to all regional standards and safety regulations.

During installation, our technicians meticulously handle cable installation, ensuring compliance with safety standards. We also connect essential power supply equipment and other vital components to establish a robust infrastructure.

Once installed, our team proceeds with commissioning activities. This involves configuring interfaces, verifying device communications, and conducting thorough testing. We address any issues promptly through comprehensive troubleshooting measures to ensure optimal system functionality.

Commissioning and Detailed Reporting

During the commissioning phase of building management systems (BMS), our dedicated team conducts a comprehensive assessment of system functionality. Technician and Programmer meticulously check every aspect of the system to ensure optimal performance and functionality.


Following the commissioning process, we prepare a detailed report outlining all findings and system performance metrics. This report provides valuable insights to our clients, highlighting the system's capabilities and ensuring transparency throughout the project lifecycle.


Upon completion of the commissioning process for building management systems (BMS), we provide comprehensive training to the customer's manager. This training equips them with essential knowledge on operating and maintaining the system's main components.

During the training session, we ensure that the customer's manager gains proficiency in collecting and interpreting essential system data. Additionally, we cover troubleshooting procedures to address any potential malfunctions effectively.

Our commitment extends beyond installation—empowering our clients with the skills and resources needed for smooth system operation and maintenance.

Our Clients:

LightCOM Building management system installation
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